April Graphics Feature: Long Center Eclipse Party

In celebration of the total solar eclipse on April 8th, the Long Center and the Simons Foundation hosted a free total eclipse viewing party on the Long Center lawn and H-E-B Terrace.

The event featured entertainment centered around the total eclipse and provided opportunities for guests to engage with astronomers and celebrate with the community. There was music, food and drinks, and even a visual storytelling time. The first 1000 guests to arrive received eclipse tote bags and all guests received complimentary viewing glasses.

photo courtesy of Jordan Mathias (@_jordian.mathias)

We printed and installed large-scale window graphics featuring a total eclipse design on the windows of the Long Center. We also printed and cut foamboard icons that were attached to a giant frame for participants to have a photo-op as well as other signage like bar menus and safety signs.

Thank you to the Long Center for allowing us to part of this amazing event!

Click here to see a video of the eclipse window graphics.

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March Graphics Feature: Urban Spaces

March was incredibly busy in our graphics department. Just to spotlight what ONE company did with us here are shots from Urban Space projects. We do both big and small for these folks and truly appreciate how they have so positively impacted Austin, the skyline, and been a driver of density in the downtown area specifically. Take a peak!

February Artist of the Month: Camille Woods

Camille Woods is an artist based in Johnson City, TN and Austin, TX and is passionate about expressing the beauty and fragility of life through her paintings. With her use of bright colors and bold strokes, Camille seeks to create a connection between the painting and the viewer.

She works mainly in portraiture and landscapes, telling stories of both internal and external struggles. Through the use of color and composition, Camille channels the underlying strength of our individual and collective ability to not only survive, but to thrive in the face of adversity. Through her work, Camille creates a physical representation of the emotional connection we all have to our individual landscapes, ourselves, and each other, engaging the viewer with a strong visual story.
“Dana is by far one of the best in her field. She consistently provides an amazing service. Her eye for color matching is one of a kind. The color and texture of each print of my artwork looks exactly like the original paintings. I feel so good being able to give my art buyers such a high-quality print. My interactions with Dana have always been pleasant. She’s responsive and super helpful and just a really kind human.”

Contact Camille:
Instagram: @camillewoodsart
Website: camillewoodsart.com

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.

February Featured Graphics: Greeting Cards – Wild Vine Creative

We print cards! Greeting cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, postcards- you name it! If you need cards printed for any occasion, we are your printer!

One customer who prints cards with us is Sarah Acevedo with Wild Vine Creative. Wild Vine Creative is an Austin-based shop that celebrates the beauty in the natural world through food and plant-inspired illustrations. The studio started in 2019 and its mission is to bring joy and inspire growth with cards, stickers, and art prints. Sarah had us print greeting cards that have her designs on the front with her logo on the back, and a blank interior.

If you would like to print cards with us, our graphics team is here to help guide you on paper choices and finishing options such as folding. We can also do mail merging if you order postcards and need addresses added for printing!

Contact Wild Vine Creative:
Website & Shop: wildvinecreative.com
Instagram: @wildvinecreative

If you would like to get started on a project with our graphics team, reach out to Elesha at CSSR7@MillerIDS.com.

January Featured Graphics: Chesmar Homes Frosted Vinyl

Chesmar Homes reached out to us for a solution for their new office space. They wanted to create privacy for the conference room and offices but also increase visibility of the glass walls.

To achieve this we printed frosted vinyl stripes for the larger walls and doors, as well as solid frosted panels for lower window panels. In addition, we printed frosted glass logos for Chesmar Homes’ local partners, CLM Mortgage and N Title, to add to the door to their office.

More and more companies are using glass partitions to create separate rooms without blocking light and visibility. This gives the feeling of one communal space, but allows individuals their own space and privacy for meetings, phone calls, etc. 
As the use of glass walls has increased, so have the requests for vinyl applications by our team. We want to help with your space if you also have a need for improved visibility of glass walls. Many customers add their logo, mission statement, company motto, or decorative designs to their partitions to add visual interest and to personalize the wall or door.

Chesmar Homes Website

If you would like to get started on a project with our graphics team, reach out to a team member at CSSR@MillerIDS.com or CSSR@@MillerIDS.com or CSSR7@MillerIDS.com.

December Artist of the Month: Caitlin Brasel

Born with an innate passion for the arts, Caitlin Brasel’s journey through the realms of creativity has been both transformative and impactful. As the visionary behind Brasel BeDazzled, San Angelo’s premier mobile paint party business, Caitlin has seamlessly merged her love for art with the heartbeat of her community.
Drawing since she could remember, Caitlin’s artistic evolution over the years is both captivating and inspiring. Her ventures into the art business began merely two years ago, an undertaking fueled by newfound confidence and a desire to share her creations. Her dedication and talent have not only resulted in captivating artworks such as Embrace Existentialism, but also in fostering a space centered on fun, community, and creative expression.
Brasel BeDazzled is not just a business for Caitlin; it’s a movement. By working closely with San Angelo’s community, Caitlin has epitomized the symbiotic relationship between art and community engagement. Over the past half-year, this realization has been underscored, giving her deeper insights into the essence of communal collaboration.
Philanthropy forms a core part of Caitlin’s ethos. Her support of esteemed non-profits, such as the Hands of Mercy Cat Sanctuary, Open Arms, and even the Mechanical Engineering group of Angelo State University through Brasel BeDazzled bears testimony to her commitment towards making a positive difference.
Caitlin discovered Miller IDS through her supportive Austinite Uncle, which led her to discover the brilliance of Dana, who meticulously brought Caitlin’s art to life in print form on watercolor paper! This collaboration further solidified Caitlin’s footprint in the artistic arena. Caitlin has been a huge fan of Miller IDS ever since!
Although the demands of Brasel BeDazzled have momentarily shifted her focus from fine arts, the embers of her artistic passion continue to glow. As she finds her rhythm in her business, Caitlin is gradually rekindling her artistic pursuits, reminding the world of the fine artist that lies within her.
For all budding artists, Caitlin’s message is simple yet profound: “Get out there! The world awaits your art, and there’s a community that will embrace you with open arms.”Contact Caitlin:
Facebook: Brasel BeDazzled 

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.

October Artist of the Month: Rachel Hurst

Rachel is the youngest child of famed western artist Oleg Stavrowsky. Like her seven siblings, she grew up surrounded by world class art, learning the principles of good composition and design through constant exposure. She won her first art contest in 3rd grade and after college traveled to Italy to study Renaissance art. She soon began earning her living painting enormous ceiling and wall murals in the Italian fresco style.  
Rachel eventually discovered her passion for fine art on a much smaller scale, incorporating three of her favorite things: animals, abstract design, & color. She loves to juxtapose representational animals against an abstract background – backgrounds she paints to communicate the way she feels when looking at a particular creature. 
Rachel always exclusively has her fine art reproductions printed by Dana Burton – Miller’s fine art specialist. “Dana is an artist herself so she really understands the need to produce an accurate color match when making prints. She is an amazing person to work with and the turnaround times are great!”
Rachel happily donates 10% of all her art sale profits to Safe In Austin: a facility that homes and rehabilitates neglected animals and lovingly connects them with groups of abused and neglected children, allowing mutually loving relationships to develop between the two groups. She lives in Austin with her husband Travis and their two insane cats.  
Contact Rachel:
Instagram: @RachelHurstFineArt
Facebook: Rachel Hurst Fine Art
Website: RachelHurstFineArt.com
Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.

September Artist of the Month: Kara Buse

A Central Texas native, artist and photographer Kara Buse finds beauty in the uniqueness of each individual, the diversity of the planet, and mother nature in all her glory. Kara is driven to discover the balance between expressing something that is deeply meaningful and creating a sense of joy that will touch the lives of others through her work.

Kara uses visual storytelling to showcase the organic, visceral human experience where words often fail. This is the WHY behind Kara’s work, and the reason for the Y in Wyld Roots. Kara has had the privilege of working with some of the most inspiring creatives and brands: strangers and friends who have supported and contributed to making Wyld Roots an inimitable lifestyle platform.

“I have been a loyal customer of Miller for going on 4 years now and I couldn’t be more happy with the quality of their work and people. Dana, the fine arts specialist, has given me so much joy by helping me honor the meaningful photography in my life through printed and tangible artifacts that I have sold in galleries or hung in my own home. She has nurtured my understanding of the art of printing and I am very grateful!”

Contact Kara:
Instagram: @wyld_roots
Website: wyldroots.com

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.

Featured Graphics: SMPS City Limits Event Signage

SMPS Austin hosted a welcome party to kick of the 2023 Amplify AEC National SMPS conference. The party was “ACL” themed and highlighted all things Austin culture with BBQ, live music, cocktails, and networking.

They welcomed a crowd from across the country and we were happy to provide support to our local Austin chapter who hosted the national conference this year.

In support of SMPS Austin, we printed a variety of signage and branded materials for the event. We produced foamboard welcome signs, menus, stir stick stickers for drinks, table tents, and retractable banners. We also printed window clings, raffle cards, a-frame signage, a mural banner, and even pedicab signage!

Keep us in mind if you need printed materials for your event!

If you would like to get started on a project with our graphics team, reach out to Sydney Donelson at CSSR@MillerIDS.com.

August Artist of the Month: Salvador Rodriguez

Salvador Rodriguez was born in Tijuana, Mexico. Perhaps inadvertently, he has painted and studied landscapes almost all his life. Salvador lived his childhood in the countryside not far from the city. From a very young age he used to run in the hills, climb mountains and spend a long time contemplating the landscape until sunset where he liked to keep all the details of the landscape in his memory and paint and draw them at home.
In high school Salvador first demonstrated his skills in painting without any previous studies. He participated and won first place at a local and national level, and thanks to this won a scholarship to attend drawing classes at the local college for a year. On the other hand, his interest and love for physics and science led him to be awarded a scholarship to attend college at ITESM in Monterrey where he obtained a degree in Engineering Computer Science in 1992.
“I pursued my career for over 23 years, traveling and visiting many places but never missed an opportunity to study landscaping and painting…even so, my production was very small. It wasn’t until I arrived in Austin in 2014 that I was able to really immerse myself in art and produce over 50 big paintings in a few years and be part of many exhibitions.
I love Texas and my favorite landscapes to paint are deserts, especially Big Bend where the mountains and sands are the frame of my paintings and along with the blue sky and its capricious clouds create a composition that gives me that energy and tranquility of balance that I tried to put in my paintings.
Also, my interest and passion for the study of the life of plants of different species and of trees have led me to participate in the art of Bonsai. I have immersed myself in Bonsai associations which have allowed me to understand and appreciate the tree’s life.
My work is the result of a meticulous study of nature; plants, rocks, clouds in detail that can be appreciated in the composition … and the balance of its strong and soft colors, which produce pleasure and tranquility when contemplating it.
My inspiration stems mostly from the landscapes of Big Bend and the desert of Texas and Northern Mexico, but I am also influenced by surrealism, and I consider art as an agent of change on social consciousness.
Each painting is a project of months or years of work that begins with a trip and study of the place, and ends in my workshop. After adding compositions in skies, plants and rocks to give balance, and before creating a plant on the canvas, I like to study them and know them previously, as well as their ecosystem and especially the history and myths of the place, which I try to capture in my works. So beyond trying to reproduce a photographic copy is a composition and recreation of the essence of the place with native plants.
My most used technique now is acrylic on canvas, for practicality, since it dries quickly and allows me mobility, but I have also worked with oil and more frequently watercolors and many drawings for my sketches.
Since my arrival in Austin 8 years ago I have painted over 46 artworks that have been exhibited mostly at EAST and WEST Austin Studio tours and other Art Gallery in Austin.”
Contact Salvador:
Instagram: @salvador.rodriguez_art
Website: SalvadorRodriguezArt


Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.