December Artist of the Month: Caitlin Brasel

Born with an innate passion for the arts, Caitlin Brasel’s journey through the realms of creativity has been both transformative and impactful. As the visionary behind Brasel BeDazzled, San Angelo’s premier mobile paint party business, Caitlin has seamlessly merged her love for art with the heartbeat of her community.
Drawing since she could remember, Caitlin’s artistic evolution over the years is both captivating and inspiring. Her ventures into the art business began merely two years ago, an undertaking fueled by newfound confidence and a desire to share her creations. Her dedication and talent have not only resulted in captivating artworks such as Embrace Existentialism, but also in fostering a space centered on fun, community, and creative expression.
Brasel BeDazzled is not just a business for Caitlin; it’s a movement. By working closely with San Angelo’s community, Caitlin has epitomized the symbiotic relationship between art and community engagement. Over the past half-year, this realization has been underscored, giving her deeper insights into the essence of communal collaboration.
Philanthropy forms a core part of Caitlin’s ethos. Her support of esteemed non-profits, such as the Hands of Mercy Cat Sanctuary, Open Arms, and even the Mechanical Engineering group of Angelo State University through Brasel BeDazzled bears testimony to her commitment towards making a positive difference.
Caitlin discovered Miller IDS through her supportive Austinite Uncle, which led her to discover the brilliance of Dana, who meticulously brought Caitlin’s art to life in print form on watercolor paper! This collaboration further solidified Caitlin’s footprint in the artistic arena. Caitlin has been a huge fan of Miller IDS ever since!
Although the demands of Brasel BeDazzled have momentarily shifted her focus from fine arts, the embers of her artistic passion continue to glow. As she finds her rhythm in her business, Caitlin is gradually rekindling her artistic pursuits, reminding the world of the fine artist that lies within her.
For all budding artists, Caitlin’s message is simple yet profound: “Get out there! The world awaits your art, and there’s a community that will embrace you with open arms.”Contact Caitlin:
Facebook: Brasel BeDazzled 

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.