April Graphics Feature: Long Center Eclipse Party

In celebration of the total solar eclipse on April 8th, the Long Center and the Simons Foundation hosted a free total eclipse viewing party on the Long Center lawn and H-E-B Terrace.

The event featured entertainment centered around the total eclipse and provided opportunities for guests to engage with astronomers and celebrate with the community. There was music, food and drinks, and even a visual storytelling time. The first 1000 guests to arrive received eclipse tote bags and all guests received complimentary viewing glasses.

photo courtesy of Jordan Mathias (@_jordian.mathias)

We printed and installed large-scale window graphics featuring a total eclipse design on the windows of the Long Center. We also printed and cut foamboard icons that were attached to a giant frame for participants to have a photo-op as well as other signage like bar menus and safety signs.

Thank you to the Long Center for allowing us to part of this amazing event!

Click here to see a video of the eclipse window graphics.

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March Graphics Feature: Urban Spaces

March was incredibly busy in our graphics department. Just to spotlight what ONE company did with us here are shots from Urban Space projects. We do both big and small for these folks and truly appreciate how they have so positively impacted Austin, the skyline, and been a driver of density in the downtown area specifically. Take a peak!

January Featured Graphics: Chesmar Homes Frosted Vinyl

Chesmar Homes reached out to us for a solution for their new office space. They wanted to create privacy for the conference room and offices but also increase visibility of the glass walls.

To achieve this we printed frosted vinyl stripes for the larger walls and doors, as well as solid frosted panels for lower window panels. In addition, we printed frosted glass logos for Chesmar Homes’ local partners, CLM Mortgage and N Title, to add to the door to their office.

More and more companies are using glass partitions to create separate rooms without blocking light and visibility. This gives the feeling of one communal space, but allows individuals their own space and privacy for meetings, phone calls, etc. 
As the use of glass walls has increased, so have the requests for vinyl applications by our team. We want to help with your space if you also have a need for improved visibility of glass walls. Many customers add their logo, mission statement, company motto, or decorative designs to their partitions to add visual interest and to personalize the wall or door.

Chesmar Homes Website

If you would like to get started on a project with our graphics team, reach out to a team member at CSSR@MillerIDS.com or CSSR@@MillerIDS.com or CSSR7@MillerIDS.com.

Powerful Tips for Using Custom Vinyl Banners to Enhance Your Business Image

When it comes to promoting your business, nothing stands out quite like a custom vinyl banner. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s a fantastic way to catch the eyes of potential customers. But, as with any marketing tool, there’s a right and wrong way to use it. If you’re not careful, you might end up with a banner that’s more of an eyesore than an attention-grabber. So, how do you ensure your banner makes the right impression? How can you leverage the full potential of this powerful marketing tool?


Unlocking the Potential of Custom Vinyl Banners in Your Branding Strategy


It’s time to tap into the full potential of vinyl banners in your branding strategy. To do so, it’s essential to understand the different types of banners available, their benefits, and best practices for designing and placing them. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the world of custom vinyl banners, helping you choose the right type for your business and sharing expert tips to make the most significant impact.


Types of Custom Vinyl Banners and Their Benefits


  1. Standard Vinyl Banners: These banners are the most common type of outdoor advertising signage made from durable vinyl material. They are weather-resistant and can be printed in various sizes and designs to cater to your branding needs. Their affordability and versatility make them popular for marketing and promotional campaigns.


  1. Retractable Banners: Also known as roll-up banners, these portable banners are perfect for businesses participating in indoor trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. The banner is stored in a retractable stand, making it easy to set up and take down. Retractable banners offer an excellent way to maximize your marketing impact without requiring much space.


  1. Mesh Banners: Mesh banners are a fantastic choice for outdoor events that demand a more robust banner option. Made from perforated material, they allow air to flow through, making them resistant to high winds and harsh weather conditions. Mesh banners suit large outdoor events, construction sites, and building facades.


  1. Fabric Banners: Fabric banners, made from polyester or other fabric materials, offer a more elegant and upscale appearance than traditional vinyl banners. They’re typically used for indoor events or environments where a high-quality, wrinkle-resistant appearance is necessary. Their vibrant print quality and professional finish make them a preferred choice for premium branding campaigns.


Design Tips for Effective Vinyl Banners


  1. Keep It Simple and Focused: Overloading your banner with information and cluttered visuals may cause your audience to miss the intended message. Your banner design should be clean and straightforward, clearly focusing on your primary message. Be concise and use impactful visuals to grab your audience’s attention.


  1. Use Bold, Readable Fonts: Your banner’s text should be easily read, even from a distance. Using bold and visible fonts will increase your banner’s effectiveness in communicating your message. Avoid using complicated script fonts or too many font styles, which can impact your banner’s readability.


  1. Incorporate High-Quality Images: Your custom vinyl banner should leave a positive impression on your target audience, and incorporating high-quality graphics or photographs helps create a professional and visually appealing banner. Be sure to use high-resolution images to avoid a pixelated or distorted appearance.


  1. Choose the Right Colors: Colors are critical in effectively activating a banner’s target audience. Consider using contrasting colors to create an eye-catching design that stands out among competing advertisements. Stick to your brand’s color palette to maintain consistency and reinforce your brand’s identity.


Maximizing Banner Visibility Through Strategic Placement


  1. Keep Height in Mind: Position your vinyl banner at an optimal height to ensure maximum visibility. Outdoor banners should be placed at least 10 feet above the ground, while indoor banners should be hung at eye level or slightly higher for easy reading.


  1. Take Advantage of High-Traffic Areas: Place your vinyl banners in locations that consistently draw attention. High-traffic areas like intersections, busy streets, or crowded event spaces can significantly increase your banner’s exposure to potential customers.


  1. Target Your Audience: Consider placing custom vinyl banners in areas your target audience frequents. For example, if a new restaurant is opening in town, identify local food hotspots where your potential customers may visit and display your banners accordingly.


  1. Rotate Your Banners: People may get used to seeing your banner in the same location over time. Regularly rotate the placement of your banners to keep them fresh and engaging. This can also provide an opportunity to test different locations for maximum impact.


Take Your Brand to New Heights with Custom Vinyl Banners


Custom vinyl banners offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to elevate their branding and marketing efforts. So, don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed, well-placed custom vinyl banner. It might be the key to unlocking increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth.


Take action today and experience the remarkable benefits of custom vinyl banners for your business. Partner with a trusted print service provider like Miller IDS, who is well-equipped to help you create high-quality, engaging banners that will take your branding efforts to new heights!

Featured Graphics: SMPS City Limits Event Signage

SMPS Austin hosted a welcome party to kick of the 2023 Amplify AEC National SMPS conference. The party was “ACL” themed and highlighted all things Austin culture with BBQ, live music, cocktails, and networking.

They welcomed a crowd from across the country and we were happy to provide support to our local Austin chapter who hosted the national conference this year.

In support of SMPS Austin, we printed a variety of signage and branded materials for the event. We produced foamboard welcome signs, menus, stir stick stickers for drinks, table tents, and retractable banners. We also printed window clings, raffle cards, a-frame signage, a mural banner, and even pedicab signage!

Keep us in mind if you need printed materials for your event!

If you would like to get started on a project with our graphics team, reach out to Sydney Donelson at CSSR@MillerIDS.com.

Featured Graphics: Encotech Vinyl Wall Mural

Encotech Engineering Consultants is a central Texas engineering firm with offices in Austin and San Antonio. This mural was created for their new office location in San Antonio. The mural was an in-house job designed and produced in Adobe Illustrator by Juan Arango, Encotech’s Director of Marketing and Business Development. The communication goal is to showcase Encotech’s core values while celebrating the rich and diverse culture of San Antonio through some of its iconic imagery.  

For the Encotech San Antonio office, we were tasked with matching a specific blue hue that the client had requested; Sherwin Williams – Adriatic Sea. The client had already painted a number of the walls in the office this color, and they were hoping for a near exact color match to keep all installed office graphics cohesive and within brand guidelines. They’ve had issues with color matching on previous office graphics installed, so getting it right the first time was key. Color matching was only possible by obtaining a swatch from the client of the paint color used on the wall. We then compared that swatch to our book of Pantone colors and found the closest three visual matches. Our production team then printed samples of the color options with the exact material and laminate specifications that the installed vinyl would have. The final color was selected from the sample, which ensures that the final color selection would still be the best match when viewed with the laminate and vinyl material we specifically chose.

Since the wall we installed the graphics on was already the correct shade of blue, you may be asking, why not just cut the design out of white vinyl and apply that way? We opted for full-coverage vinyl panels to ensure the intricate design the client had proposed looked as sharp as possible, maintaining its crisp angles and sharp lines that the design called for. The client felt more comfortable executing the design in this way as it saved time, money, and eliminated the need for the design to be intricately cut out by our iEcho machine. The client’s design was printed directly to our 3M 40C vinyl and sealed with a 3M matte laminate to protect the finished surface from scratches and damage. The project was installed in under 3 hours and was completed in time to meet a deadline the client had set.

Contact Encotech:
Website: encotechengineering.com
Instagram: @encotech_ec
Facebook: Encotech Engineering Consultants
LinkedIn: Encotech Engineering Consultants, Inc.

If you would like to get started on a project with our graphics team, reach out to Sydney Donelson at CSSR@MillerIDS.com.

Graphics Feature: San Antonio Spurs Lamp Post Flags

The San Antonio Spurs hosted “Spurs Week” in Austin earlier this month, featuring events around Austin to kick off their games played at the Moody Center. The games were coined as the “I-35 Series” and marked the first regular season NBA games ever to be played in Austin. To advertise the exciting events, we printed lamp post signage to be installed around town.

The signs were installed around the South Congress area, including on the South Congress bridge, along both sides of the shopping district on South Congress, and around the Long Center and Auditorium Shores.

Lamp post signage is basically a two sided banner with pole pockets sewn into the top and bottom. We are on the approved vendor list for the City of Austin and can help with your flagpole project, too. This same concept of pole pockets is also used for trade show backdrops – we want to help you on those projects as well!

If you would like to get started on a project with our graphics team, reach out to Sydney Donelson at CSSR@MillerIDS.com.

Graphics Feature: Urbanspace Sales Center

Since 2000, Urbanspace has served as Austin’s first and only full-service urban core living solutions company, providing real estate development, sales, and marketing expertise — amplified by our in-house interior design studio + modern furniture showroom — with an intense passion for living the urban lifestyle. We are an organization committed to Austin’s growth and development, with an emphasis on architectural design, sustainable development, urban communities and modern design products from around the globe.

Urbanspace put their stamp on the Austin skyline with The Modern Austin Residences, a 56 story condo tower entirely developed, marketed, and sold by Urbanspace. To create an immersive sales center experience for their buyers, they worked with us to take advantage of the vertical space on the walls and windows, with displays that included a panoramic aerial view from the tower, a map of the vibrant neighborhood surrounding The Modern, and a timeline of Urbanspace’s major milestones.

“The sales center turned out even better than we hoped, and a lot of the credit goes to the Miller IDS team. We were impressed by their professionalism and the quality of the work. They made the process of moving from conceptual designs to reality a breeze. We had a great experience working with Miller!” – Robbie Polk

For more information on Urbanspace: 
Main website: www.urbanspacelifestyle.com 
The Modern website:  www.modernaustinresidences.com 
Instagram (Real Estate): @urbanspacerealtors
Instagram (Interiors): @urbanspaceinteriors
Instagram (Design Studio): @urbanspacedesignstudio

To get started on your own graphics project, contact Sydney at CSSR@MillerIDS.com.

Graphics Feature: Aquila Commercial Alto Jobsite Signage

We are getting a new neighbor at our downtown location! Aquila Commercial is building a 110,000-sf office development called Alto at 924 East 7th Street, which will plenty of office space as well as luxurious amenities and scenic views of East Austin, Downtown, and the State Capitol.

Our graphics account manager, Josh Meza, worked with Alta to produce construction banners for their jobsite. Our mesh banners are perfect for construction sites because they are durable and the mesh allows wind to flow through without damaging the banner or jobsite itself, as traditional vinyl banners can act like sails and rip fencing down when caught in strong winds. The mesh banners also reduce the loud flapping noise that the wind can cause in other vinyl banners. We sometimes see signage at jobsites that have slits cut into them to prevent wind damage, but with mesh banners there is no need to do this!

If you would like more information on the Alta office space, visit Aquila Commercial’s website and follow them on Instagram at @aquilaaustin.

If you would like to order any jobsite signage or get started on any other graphics order, contact Sydney at CSSR@MillerIDS.com.

August 2022 Featured Graphics: SMPS Axe Throwing Tournament Signage

SMPS Austin asked us to print event signage for their Second Annual Axe Throwing Tournament. Some of the signage we did were vinyl banners, retractable banners, a step and repeat photo backdrop, floor graphics, decals, and table tents.

Signage is a great way to brand an event whether it be a corporate event or personal. Through the signage, SMPS was able to display sponsors across the entire venue. They also had us print removeable vinyl decals to go on the fridge, which featured the beer and wine sponsors for the event.

All the signage we printed and installed was temporary, meaning the clean up was easy and there was no damage done to the event space. Floor vinyl and decals are some of our most popular event signage because they pack a punch while still being easy to remove.

Our team of four employees also had a blast participating this year! Thank you SMPS for putting on such a fun networking event!

If you would like more information on event signage or anything else graphics related, please reach out to Sydney, at CSSR@MillerIDS.com