April Featured Artist: Larry Stephenson

Larry has been drawing and painting as far back as he can recall. Larry obtained his Fine Art degree with studies from some of the most prolific professors of art across America with expanded studies in South America, Spain, and Portugal. “I studied under world-renowned artists that witnessed my gift and encouraged me and taught me ‘the placement of my soul on the canvas’.”

“As a Fine Artist my goal is to capture a moment in time or feeling in life which I can place on canvas that will reflect on our mind and imagination for generations to come. Composition, contrast, value, and color are the influences of my work. Transposing what I see to what one is really looking at is my goal that will last for generations. The intent of my work is to open the viewer’s mind to the depths of my soul. May my work be interesting, pleasing and thought-provoking. Painting is a creation for the eye and can only be hinted at with words.”

“Painting brings me so much joy and fulfillment when sharing what I see in the way that I place it from the pallet to the canvas, so all may enjoy my visions (which they may have seen) but never let their eyes capture that moment. Painting is music intended for the eye. My art is created primarily and solely for the imagination, aesthetic, and intellectual content that one’s soul may ponder and enjoy. I paint with a palette knife so I may pull and push the oils together in a manner that is indistinguishable yet gives the viewer the latitude to blend the work as they wish to see it.”

“This commission piece “At Peace on My Porch” of vast ranchland and hay fields near Marble Falls Texas only came to pass by Fine Art Collectors, masterful image scanning by Dana Barton, professional coordination by Larry Williams Junior and the patronage of Luci Miller to support not only my work, but the work of so many whose ambitions flourish under her compassionate eye for talent.”

Stephenson said this about working with Miller IDS over the past 25 years, “I have been working diligently to establish myself as an artist in the ‘FINE ARTS’. Miller is like family to me, Josh has always taken very good care of me, Dana is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable and extremely talented in her area of expertise. I just cannot say enough kind words regarding [Miller IDS Customer Service Representative] Larry Williams. He makes each and every visit I have to Miller very enjoyable, in fact I look forward to every visit I have with Miller because of his professionalism, sense of humor, and his unique personality which makes each and every visit a true pleasure.”

Contact Larry:
Email: les_sr@hotmail.com
LinkedIn: Larry Stephenson
Website: greendesignbuildinc.com