February Artist of the Month: Camille Woods

Camille Woods is an artist based in Johnson City, TN and Austin, TX and is passionate about expressing the beauty and fragility of life through her paintings. With her use of bright colors and bold strokes, Camille seeks to create a connection between the painting and the viewer.

She works mainly in portraiture and landscapes, telling stories of both internal and external struggles. Through the use of color and composition, Camille channels the underlying strength of our individual and collective ability to not only survive, but to thrive in the face of adversity. Through her work, Camille creates a physical representation of the emotional connection we all have to our individual landscapes, ourselves, and each other, engaging the viewer with a strong visual story.
“Dana is by far one of the best in her field. She consistently provides an amazing service. Her eye for color matching is one of a kind. The color and texture of each print of my artwork looks exactly like the original paintings. I feel so good being able to give my art buyers such a high-quality print. My interactions with Dana have always been pleasant. She’s responsive and super helpful and just a really kind human.”

Contact Camille:
Instagram: @camillewoodsart
Website: camillewoodsart.com

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.