We So Appreciate the Bravos from The Long Center!

“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job your staff does for us on a daily basis! Anytime I call Ian he is always willing to take on any project I may have and always suggests the best materials for our budget. We had an enormous event this past Sunday- and Ian was on top of all of our collateral needs and had them delivered on time. We had over 3800 people attend with 14 participating arts organizations. We would not have been able to have the event run so smoothly without his attention to detail! Tessa & Caleb are also very courteous and responsive.
You have a great team! And your team always makes us look good! Thank you for all the Miller does for us!”

Susan Griffen, Marketing Administrative Manager, The Long Center

Austin’s creative class makes up a big percentage of local workforce

Austin-City-Limits-Festival-ACL-2014-Weekend-One-Day-Two-ATT-Gigapower-Graffiti-Artist-Lucas-Aoki_115233The Texas Cultural Trust has released its 2015 State of the Arts report, which shows the impact that the arts have on the state. In addition to economic contributions (i.e., jobs and sales tax revenue generated) and travel and tourism dollars collected, for the first time the report also includes new data that demonstrate the powerful impact that arts education can have on student outcomes such as pass rates, test scores and attendance.

Texas’ 42 “art and culture” industries generated $5.1 billion in sales for the state and nearly $320 million in annual state sales tax in 2013. Those sales are up 24.6 percent from 2003, when the state saw $4.1 billion. Full story>>