April Artist of the Month: Paul Stankiewicz

Sometimes inspiration comes from childhood memories or a song on the radio, urban nature and iconic Austin scenes.

Paul Stankiewicz creates a broad range of images that reflect his varied interests and versatility as an artist. Paul graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from Columbus College of Art and Design. He started his career in advertising, then video production, 3D animation and computer game art direction. In his art, he uses everything from large canvases that are sanded down and washed, to layered cut wood panels that are animated with the crank of a handle.

Not literal replicas, Paul’s paintings weave together layers of color and texture to create an impression of the subjects. The designs typically begin with his photos manipulated in the computer, creating layers . . . reality rearranged. The paint then creates an image that is vivid and recognizable and sometimes has the illusion of a photo-like image, but up close the work is distinctly abstract. “I try to resist the temptations of smaller detail brushes. I want the viewer to complete the picture as they want, in their mind. I wish I could say that my process starts with exhaustive research and in-depth studies, but usually I dive right in. I look forward to the learning that is about to take place as each new work reveals itself.”

“In an earlier life when I was in advertising, I visited Miller Blue Print many times to pick up supplies, or graphics for advertisings and presentations. Now I have been visiting Miller again, Miller Imaging, for high end scanning and reproductions of my paintings. They have been a great asset, always putting in the extra time and effort to make their product the best possible.”

Contact Paul:
Website: paulswork.com

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.