May Featured Artist: Cara Jackson

Austin-based artist, Cara Jackson, celebrates nature through vibrant art. By combining her skills as a painter and graphic designer, Cara creates bold, colorful acrylic paintings based on photos she’s taken while adventuring outdoors. Her love of nature has inspired her to visit national and state parks, where she camps and hikes in search of inspiration. Cara continues to travel to visit our public parks, supports nonprofits working to conserve natural spaces, and is currently working on a series inspired by Big Bend,
“Time spent in nature is renewing and rewarding. I travel to natural spaces to find inspiration for my art, snapping photos and drawing sketches as I hike. Once home, I distill the subject into its essential elements; forms are simplified and colors enhanced. Acrylic paint is used in bold color combinations, which vibrate on the canvas. My goal is to share the boldness and beauty of outdoor adventure with others; to create joy, awe, appreciation, and curiosity through vibrant imagery.”
“I’ve been working with Dana for years to have my paintings scanned and then printed as high-quality art prints. She always goes above and beyond to make sure the bright colors I use are matched perfectly (which can be a difficult and time-consuming task!). It’s been a pleasure working with her and I recommend her to everyone because of her invaluable skills, consistent results, smooth communication, and friendly personality.” 

Contact Cara:
Instagram: @carajacksonart
Facebook: Cara Jackson Art
Etsy: CaraJacksonArt

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.