June Featured Artist: Albert Ward

Growing up in Northern California, Albert Ward’s artistic curiosity in drawing took off from observing local newspaper fashion illustration advertisements where attention to critical lines and minimization could translate figurative shapes so well. Drawing moved into photography and eventually into painting, which brought all three elements together. While working full-time in business, Al always managed to hone his art skills and deepen his love of nature’s beauty over the years. After extensive art training at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, in 2001, Al was able to take up full-time studio residency in Houston’s art warehouse district and displaying works at local galleries. In 2015, Al moved to the hill country where his art is mainly displayed at the William County Art Guild Rock Street Gallery in downtown Georgetown, TX.

“I once heard it said, ‘Art is a career one never retires from’ which is so true for me. My work clearly shadows my art subject passions over the years. Lately, I’ve been more reluctant to sell my original works which was resolved by utilizing high image digital scanning services of Miller Imaging in Austin. Their fine art coordinator, Dana Burton, really sold me on the image quality that can be produced for reproductions. Dana seems to work as hard as the artist to get the colors right. I tend to paint something in nature until I tire of the subject. During the “covid years” I focused on journaling, drawing, photographing, and painting white tail deer which I still love painting. Viewing my website, you’ll see a wide range of subject matter over my 77 years on this earth. I use gesture or realism in my paintings depending on the subject matter and mood. I love exploring subjects I’ve never painted before as a problem-solving learning exercise. Lately I’ve interjected more magical humor in my works instead of always the serious scenes to further engage and interact with the viewer.”
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