October 2021 Featured Graphics: CBI Group

Culture Based Interiors (CBI Group) is a leading commercial office interior provider in South Texas, with clients such as TJH Law, Logicmonitor, Caterpillar and HCA Healthcare.

CBI Group enlisted our services to add wow factor to their Austin showroom space and also add visual safety to their glass walls.

More and more companies are using glass partitions to create separate rooms without blocking light and visibility. This gives the feeling of one communal space, but gives individuals their own space and privacy for meetings, phone calls, etc. 
As the use of glass walls has increased, so have the requests for vinyl applications by our team. We want to help with your space if you also have a need for improved visibility of glass walls. Many customers add their logo, mission statement, company motto, or decorative designs to their partitions to add visual interest and to personalize the wall or door.

Reach out to CBI Group for any of your office furnishing needs, and learn more about them at www.cbi-office.com!

CBI Group Website: Website
CBI Group Instagram: @culturebasedinteriors

CBI Group is our new neighbor down the street on Metric and they shared more photos of their showroom with us!

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