July Artist of the Month: Ruth Lauer

Ruth Lauer studied at the Minneapolis School of Art and Design and lived for 10 years in Europe. She moved to Austin, Texas, in 1991 for the music. Working in oil and acrylic, Ruth’s paintings celebrate everyday life, community and/or poke fun at her own and humanity’s foibles. The featured painting, “Shirley’s Chicken Run”, was inspired by a neighbor’s backyard. The original painting sold, but prints are available.
I create portraits, sometimes of people, food or animals, but also of private moments in public settings. I try to portray the emotion that a memory holds, and the calm of commonplace beauty.  And sometimes I just want to push color around.” An admirer of religious and narrative art, Ruth would like her paintings to evoke a personal memory or emotion in viewers.
Ruth has been using the Fine Art Services at Miller IDS for 20 years. “Dana Burton and the other friendly, professional staff at Miller IDS are a joy to work with. Dana knows the technicalities of art printing and always delivers an amazing product. Her eye is true.”
Contact Ruth:
Email: ruthybob56@hotmail.com

Contact our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, for more information on fine art scans and reproduction.