January Artist of the Month: Meena Matai

Meena Matai creates vivid and lively abstract art with detailed designs that showcase a balance between spontaneity and introspection. Art has remained a constant throughout her life growing up in India and now, as an artist, engineer, mother, educator, and community organizer. She strives to find balance in her many roles while living and working out of Austin for more than a decade. Meena has been featured in many arts media programs and press. Her vibrant paintings are part of corporate and private collections, both in the country and internationally.

In the midst of a world marred by pandemic, conflicts, and widespread suffering, a call resonates, urging us to return home – to our core, our roots – in search of stability. As an immigrant, Meena recognizes that the true definition of home can evolve from an external concept to an internal one. From this introspective space, Meena’s art finds its birth through play and experimentation, as she delves into the experience of creation emanating from the place she calls home – her being.Meena’s art explores the complexities of identity and the fluidity of boundaries between seemingly opposing concepts. As an Indian-American artist and engineer, and a working mother, she intimately understands the constant balancing act of navigating different cultures and roles. Her work depicts the delicate balance between feeling foreign and at home, between nurturing others and self care, between practicality and imagination, between spontaneity and planning, and between action and reflection. Through her art, Meena seeks to capture the richness and complexity of the balancing art and feels fortunate to be able to explore these themes in her own life.

Meena invites viewers to engage with her art with an open mind and a boundless imagination, while being grounded in the origin stories and rich history that inform her work. She hopes that her art sparks a sense of recognition of our shared humanity despite our differences. Her ultimate goal is to inspire positivity, collaboration, and support, starting with the self and extending beyond.

Contact Meena:
Instagram: @meenamataiart
Facebook: @MeenaMataiArt
Website: meenamatai.com

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