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We at Miller IDS have been making “blueprints” for 98 years, so we recognize the increasing relevance of having scanned and archived images at your fingertips. Whether in an office and desiring to save time and money by bringing scanning in-house, or part of an archiving team scanning boxes of documents daily, we have the equipment to fit into your space, needs, and budget. Either way, all of our selections simplify the process of scanning and documenting your maps, technical drawings, engineering and construction plans. (Also see scanning services)

Contex Scanners

Uncompromising image quality is standard

  • HD iFlex : Large flatbed surface, fast scanning speeds and ultra flexible design
  • HD 5450 : Designed for high-volume productivity for businesses-critical imaging tasks
  • IQ Quattro 4400 : Scan and collaborate – ideal for project groups
  • IQ Quattro 2490 : Optimal image quality for technical documents
  • SD 3600 : Benefit from unmatched ease of use, consistent high quality, and enhanced productivity—all at an affordable price
  • SD One: The first true desktop large format scanner with strong features

HP Scanners

Boost production with accurate color scanningEmpower production workflows with the high-speed of HP scanners. Deliver detailed results with advanced CIS scanning technology. Enhanced features enable workflow efficiencies that speed up collaboration by scanning to email, USB, network, and more, and outcomes.

ImageAccess Scanners

Speedy and compact, with an ultra-wide color gamut

  • WideTEK 25 : Flatbed scans at 300 dpi color in less than three seconds
  • WideTEK 36 : Scans 36” widths and nearly endless lengths in “endless mode”
  • WideTEK 36CL: The fastest color CIS scanner on the market
  • WideTEK 36CD : The world’s first and only wide format duplex scanner for digitizating double-sided documents up to 36” wide
  • WideTEK 44: Scans documents up to 44” wide astonishingly fast WideTEK 48C : The fastest color CIS scanner on the market

PrintWizard converts every WideTEK scanner to a powerful MFP system by adding the printer of your choice. Download Data Sheet

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