Use It or Lose It!

useitorloseit25% Off Best-selling Printers, Scanners and Multifunction Systems through Dec. 31st!

25% off is just too good to pass up! Through December 31st only, Miller ISD is offering you a 25% discount on many of our most popular scanners, printers and multi-function systems when you trade in an existing scanner printer or multi-function system.

The following scanners, printers and multi-function systems are included in the sale:

  • Canon iPF785, 830, 840 and 850
  • HP T1500ps-36, T2500ps-36 eMFP and T3500ps-36 eMFP,
  • Kip 770, 7170, 7770, 7970, 940 and 9900
  • Contex 3690 HD and 5450 HD

Buy before December 31, 2015 to secure your Section 179 tax deduction!

For more information, please contact Webb Fox at Miller IDS: or call Phone: 512.381.5272.