Featured Graphics: Frosted Glass and Window

Frosted glass is gaining in popularity for open offices. This recent project for Structure Tone Southwest is a perfect example of the use of window frost. Pictured is one pattern designed by the tenant, cut and applied by our staff. If you have open areas and wish to “obstruct the view” to others without blocking light or the open office feel, reach out to us for similar creative ideas!

We can also add your logo in a frosted panel on a glass conference room. Not only is this subtle branding but also a way to add depth to a door, optimizing the visibility of the transparent door.

We thank Structure Tone for the opportunity to work with them on this nice project! Interesting tidbit: The installation was actually moved forward due to folks on the job site running into the glass. It really does happen!

Ask one of our sales associates for more details at CSSR@MillerIDS.com.