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Austin has always been a colorful city that attracts artists from around the world. Every Month Miller IDS showcases Austin’s creative energy by highlighting a resident artist and their work. We love being a trusted resource for painters, illustrators, designers, and visual artists and, in turn, show our gratitude to the talented folks that keep returning for the highest-quality prints in the city.

January Featured Artist: Rodolfo Ybarra

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Jan 2015: Each month, we’re featuring a local artist with whom we work. This month, we’re featuring Rodolfo Ybarra and his piece “The Fiery Maguey”. Look for a print in our downtown and North Austin locations!

In a world filled with specialists, Rodolfo Ybarra is a polymath and a man of many talents. From his native San Miguel de Allende to his professional career in Austin, his work as an architect, watercolorist, designer, and author have always been filled with the passion, color, and warmth of a life well lived.
Rodolfo’s watercolors show luminous moments captured in sumptuous colors. A self-taught artist, he learned his craft by carefully observing the work of masters as diverse as Rivera, Sargent, and Homer. His themes are similarly wide-ranging, from memories of his childhood in Mexico, to his life in Texas, and his travels around the world. But it is the Mexican obsession with colors that reverberates through all of his work. Collectors and critics praise his pieces for their candid but optimistic view of the world, seen through the eyes of a true son of Mexico. You can view his work at www.rodolfoybarra.blogspot.com.