COVID-19 – Update03/19/2020

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How Miller IDS is Responding to COVID-19 – Update


Dear Valued Customers:

The national and local outlook for how the coronavirus can be minimized is evolving quickly, and we are trying to adjust in an organized fashion.

We have two new announcements as we balance serving our customer needs through the short- and long-term, while minimizing the possibility of spreading the virus.

“Car Service” beginning Thursday, March 19th:

As of Thursday (tomorrow), we will begin “car service” just as restaurants and even a favorite vet office of ours has implemented. If you choose to come to our store, please call from the parking lot and we will come get your work or bring your completed work to you.  This should allow you to minimize the folks you interact with, and also minimize the spread of possible germs.  Inside we might call it drive-thru lockdown, but outside? You can call it “car service!” Listen to music of your choice, keep your climate controlled as you wish, and let one of our friendly employees come wait on you. J

Modified Hours as of Monday 3/23/2020: 8am to 4pm

We notice that print files are being sent in the morning and are tapering off in the early afternoon. We will modify our hours to more appropriately reflect when you are sending work and operate from 8 to 4. This will also allow our employees a shorter and busier day, and provide some mental relief in getting through this difficult time.

No cash handling

We eliminated signatures on invoices and are now implementing a “no cash” policy so that both methods of transmitting germs are eliminated.

Delivering to you!

Please allow us to deliver to your doorstep, whether at work your office or at home. We will happily follow your delivery instructions to allow proper distancing to occur.

Stay Informed

We will keep you informed of our operational status via eMail, social media and our website

Thank you!

As always, we greatly appreciate your business and your flexibility as we move through these uncharted waters. We can’t wait to be back to our normal hours, to see our neighborhood restaurants and bars filled to the brim… but for now, the new normal must be adjusted regularly. Please feel free to reach out and call me. Letting me know what you, our customer, is up to and what you think of these moves is greatly appreciated. My number: 512.381.5266.

Luci Miller