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VR Services

Virtual reality (VR) technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years, especially in the AEC industry. Miller IDS has partnered with the leader in VR, VIMaec to transform your A/E/C projects. VIMaec converts your Revit building design files into a 3D interactive walk-through. This visualization retains and displays all BIM data from the original Revit design. When a client has their first experience of walking through a 3D visualization and interacting with the design, the impact is incredible. The file is uploaded then transformed into a high definition, free-roam 3D, walk-through environment which the client can explore. The platform is fast and flexible enough to allow designs to be updated quickly.

For more information call Steve Coyle at 512.381.5271 or email at Steve.Coyle@millerids.com.

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