Graphic & Drafting Supplies

We carry a large selection of architectural, graphic and drafting supplies from quality brands such as Staedtler, Alvin, Chartpak,
Prismacolor, Pentel, Alumicolor, Calculated Industries, and more! Plus, we offer on-line ordering for supplies delivered directly to your home or office!

Supplies vary by location. Call store for specifics. Downtown: 512.478.8793; North: 512.837.8888

Screen-Printing Supplies

  • Speedball© Inks: for fabric and paper in various colors.  Including process colors, glow-in-the dark, metallics, and opaque.  Sizes ranging from 8oz. to 128oz. containers.
  • Screens:  Pre-stretched screens in sizes from 10”x14” up to 23”x31”and cut to size screen-printing fabric in 8xx-14xx mesh.  Sold by the foot, yard, or roll.    
  • Emulsions: Ulano© (TZ) and Speedball©
  • Misc. Supplies: Including hinge clamps, squeegees, and assorted Speedball© screen-printing mediums.

Engineering, Architectural and Drafting Supplies

  • Calculators & Digital Plan Measures: Calculated Industries, Scalex, and ScaleMaster.
  • Pens & Pencils: mechanical pencils, Rapidograph and disposable technical pens, drafting  pencils, leadholders, colored pencils
  • Drawing Tools: Compass and compass sets, triangles, T-Squares and portable drafting boards
  • Architectural and Engineering Scales: Digital, standard, and metric
  • Markers: Prismacolor, Chartpak & Copic
  • Plan Storage: Mayline and Safco storage boxes and hanging files
  • Additional Supplies: Spray adhesives, cutting mats, graphic knives, tapes, adhesives, rulers, straight-edges, scales, and triangles.
  • Presentation Materials: Easels, presentation boards, portfolios and presentation cases.
  • Equipment: Light boxes, paper cutters, lamps, drafting and craft tables, and large format printers.
  • Pantone: Color Bridge (coated & uncoated), Formula Guide (coated & uncoated), Solid Chip Books, and Metallic Formula Guide.

Foam and Gatorboards

Foamboard available sizes in 3/16-inch width:

  • 20”x30”
  • 24”x36”
  • 30”x42”
  • 32”x40” (Black or White and Self-Adhesive sheets available)
  • 40”x60”
  • 48”x96” (Black or White)

Foamboard available sizes in 1/2-inch width:

  • 30”x40”
  • 48”x96” (Black or White)

Gatorboard available in 3/16ths and 1/2-inch widths in 48”x96” sheets only. Black or White.

Plotter Supplies

  • 20# bond rolls (2” core) 18” to 42” widths
  • HP© High Quality Photo Paper
  • Premium Color Presentation Papers
  • HP© and Canon© inks and plotter supplies


Map availability varies by location. Call for specific requests.

Downtown: 512-478-8793

North: 512-837-8888

  • USGS topographical maps for entire state of Texas.  (To determine which USGS map you need, go to the USGS Map Locator and email your order to sales)
  • We can download and print or order topographic maps for the entire United States
  • Geological maps of Texas
  • Aerial photos of Austin – negatives on file; 1966 to March 2002
  • Subdivision plat maps of Travis county (Downtown store only)
  • Mapsco Map books for Austin and surrounding areas