Miller IDS Celebrates Lee Bothe

This month we celebrate one of the Miller IDS/Blueprint greats, Lee Bothe. Lee has worked at MILLER for almost four decades and continues to come in every day with a smile on his face and a story locked and loaded to share with his co-workers. As he retires this Friday, April 20th 2018, we want to extend a great thank you to him for 38 years of service to the company. MILLER is so appreciative for his work, experience, and dedication to both the company and the Miller IDS/ Blueprint family. 

Lee Bothe at our 7th Street Location.

Around MILLER, Lee is known as a kind, reliable individual and a great storyteller. While recounting his favorite times at MILLER, he remembers when now-owner Luci Miller hosted a Halloween costume contest. He retells the story through laughter as he reveals the “workaround costumes” that his department put together. Having a t-shirt press at the time, they made t-shirts that hosted a picture of the Creature from the Black Lagoon on it and the slogan “Official Costume”. Lee laughs that “of course the department ended up winning the contest”. More recently, Lee describes one of his proud moments that came during SXSW, when a customer gave him a genuine thank you, and he saw pictures of his work being admired by others. 

Luci and Bob presented Lee with a certificate for his service!

Lee says that he is excited to retire but will miss the routine of coming to MILLER every day. “I’ve been doing it for 38 years! It is going to be weird to not get up in the morning and come to MILLER.”  Lee says he is going to miss the companionship and comradery that comes with working at MILLER.

Lee expressed, “when I came here, I didn’t think I would last four to five years! I never expected I would be the oldest, longest tenured employee at Miller IDS!” Lee, however, is excited to have the opportunity to move into the Texas Hill Country and travel with his wife, dog, and to visit his children along the way.

Miller IDS is losing a good one. Lee is an institution here and we are sad that it’s already time for him to retire. We are, however, excited for him to enjoy life more fully with his loved ones. Thank you so much Lee for 38 years of service with MILLER, it’s truly been a pleasure!