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Featured Graphics: Delaware North


Leaving town and want to rep the 512? You can find official SXSW and ACL Live merchandise in the ABIA! These SXSW graphics pop as you walk by because of their backlit setup. Specifically, the lightbox makes the graphic appear digital, crisp, and clean from both close-up and far away.


Cut Vinyl has been a favorite for several years, but now is in demand more than ever. These are completely customizable and easily installed and, depending on the surface, removed with little to no damage.

This banner, right, was tailored for Delaware North to reflect no light. More specifically, it was created to showcase the Hip-Hop band Magna Carda who performed at ACL Live in September 2017. SXSW-goers were excited to see Magna Carda back in Austin at the Karma Lounge this past weekend.

It’s always fun to see Austin institutions after landing at ABIA. SXSW and Austin City Limits have created a culture in Austin that continues to support the town’s slogan of “Keep Austin Weird.”

Featured Graphics: Lyft

Lyft’s Musician Rideshare Program has worked with several local music venues to assure musicians can get to their gigs with their gear. Left, a large vinyl banner promotes the Musician Rideshare Program. Lyft launched the program during Austin’s infamous “Free Week.” The hemmed and grommeted banner announced the launch of this new program.

During SXSW, Miller IDS worked to advertise Lyft as it transported thousands to events, concerts, and even to the fictional town of Sweetwater from HBO’s Westworld. Though the rideshare company has been back for a little under a year, it has made a big splash by participating in Austin cultural events, festivals and everyday activities.



Lyft Pink brightens our days in the Miller IDS Graphics Department. With every project, Miller IDS strives to meet the highest quality and standards of our customers.  



Meg Jones, Lyft Austin Marketing Associate, noted that “[Lyft is] so thrilled to have found such a fantastic partner in Miller Imaging & Digital Solutions. In the past month alone, we’ve worked wit their team to print large scale banners, posters, palm cards, direct mail postcards, pull-down banners and custom fixture signage. The staff is friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and works tirelessly to make sure each project is top-notch.”

This spring, Miller IDS is excited to help you and your business welcome new Austinites and visitors to the Live Music Capital of the World!

March Artist of the Month: Bill Rider

Rider’s ‘Buddy Guy’

March 2018 Miller IDS Artist of the Month is none other than the painter and musician Bill Rider and his piece of famed blues musician Buddy Guy. Rider is an exceptionally talented artist with paintings spanning many different styles.  His many interpretations of western scenes, personalities and landscapes has made him a particular favorite to many art lovers throughout the world.

Rider completed one year of art school at Illinois Wesleyan, four years as a technical illustrator in the U.S. Air Force, and three years in the University of Texas Art School.  A beloved teacher, throughout his career he taught Laguna Gloria watercolor classes for 15 years as well as at Austin Community College for 9 years and the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of Austin Professional Artists, a founder of Waterloo Watercolor Group, a member of the San Antonio Art Group, and the Artists Alliance of the Hill Country. He currently owns The Barn at Bell Springs in Dripping Springs and has devoted much of his life to the art world.

Bill has restored 2,607 art projects since 1968, including the Texas Pavilion at Hemisphere Park.  He was the recipient of the Art in Texas Award and his winning painting was purchased by U.S. Representative Jake Pickle. Additionally, two Presidents of the United States purchased his paintings, including President Lyndon Johnson. Click here to see more of Bill’s art and get in touch with Bill, here

February Artist of the Month, Kiah Denson, Displays a Special Flair

We are pleased to celebrate our February Artist of the Month, Kiah Denson. As a born and raised Austinite, Kiah uses the energy of nature and travel to create striking colorful and abstract images that leap off the canvas or page.

She graduated from Colorado College in 2005, earning a BA in Studio Art with a Distinction in Art. Upon graduation, Kiah started her own decorative painting business. After a few years, she began creating fine art again, and has been steadily expanding and exploring her practice ever since.  

Kiah lives in the outskirts of Austin, TX surrounded by green fields, trees and streams. She works primarily in her sunny home studio, and also maintains a space at Canopy where she meets with clients and displays her finished work (by appointment). When she isn’t creating art, she can likely be found wandering in nature or swimming with her furry four-legged sidekick, Kali

Kiah Denson Artist Austin
Featured Print, “What Remains III.”

Kiah states that her “artmaking process is a transfer and release of invisible, internal energy onto a visible, external surface.” Within her work, she utilizes the natural unpredictability and fluidity of her materials to her advantage to “explore various processes, aesthetics and techniques.” She describes the featured piece, ‘”What Remains III”, as initially birthed “as a triptych but became more [part] of a 3 part mini-series. It was the first time I incorporated watercolor into my work, which had previously only been acrylic and ink. I was enjoying the experiment; the watercolors were so mineral-y and unique. I was going for a lyrical, energetic composition that felt light, spacious, and earthy.”  These pieces inspired her to create a collection, “The Little Things,” which debuted at Austin’s own Link and Pin Gallery mid-2017.


“What Remains I”

Kiah gives high praise to Miller IDS and Dana Burton, Graphics Specialist for Miller IDS, when she states she doesn’t go anywhere else to document her small pieces. “It has always meant a lot to me that from the beginning she remembered me (and now, knows me) and goes the extra mile to make me and my work feel important. My pieces aren’t very easy to scan, but she works really hard to keep the details from dropping out, gets the whites white and the blacks black, adjusts weird blues and other colors that the scanner doesn’t like much, prints out multiple proofs, and sometimes, if it still doesn’t look right, she’ll adjust even more. It amazes me still that I can get that kind of service and attention for what I end up paying. Worth it every time. Plus, Dana is a genuine, delightful person, and she has even taken the time to come to some of my art events….I’m grateful that people like Dana and places like Miller exist and thrive, keeping the old school vibe alive.”

“What Remains II”

You can find Kiah’s work and story in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, Austin Way Magazine, Inside Austin, Luxe San Diego. Additionally, you can find her work in galleries in Charlotte, NC, Houston, TX, and Greenwood, MS.

To see more of Kiah’s work and story, click here

September Featured Artist: Salvador Rodriguez

Our featured artist for September is a local painter who has always loved the wide-open landscapes of the Southwest. Born in Tijuana, Baja California Norte, he discovered his skills in drawing and painting. As a boy, he spent long periods appreciating and memorizing every detail of landscape and then put them into drawings or paintings. 

In high school, he participated and won first place at the local and national level, which won him a scholarship in the workshop at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California to study painting with Master Francisco Chavez Corrujedo. Here, he participated in several group exhibitions.

His work is the result of a detailed observational study of nature, which can be seen in the composition and balance of loud and soft colors, producing pleasure and tranquility to contemplate. 

To see more of his work, visit his website here.

Christy Stallop painting of Lustre Pearl

Featured February Artist: Christy Stallop

Christy Stallop painting of Lustre Pearl
Christy Stallop painting of Lustre Pearl

Christy started her career in art as a children’s book illustrator and was the illustrator chair for the Austin chapter of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) for 10 years. She has several published titles and was chosen to illustrate the 2011 Texas Teens Read! program funded by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Her Illustrations turned to fine art with her Succulent Series. The paintings began as an homage to El Paso, the city where she grew up. Currently, Christy is working on a Grackle Series (a bird found locally) as well as an Austin Series, a love letter from the artist’s perspective. Christy works in watercolor, ink, acrylic, and oil.

Christy works in watercolor, ink, acrylic, and oil. Contact Christy and see more of her work at her website, her Facebook page, on Instagram and on Twitter.

Texas Cake House Features Our Very Own Natalie Sideserf

Sideserf website
Sideserf website

Congrats to our former Miller IDS employee Natalie Sideserf and her husband Dave for landing their own Food Network show, called Texas Cake House!!

Natalie makes truly unique, amazing cakes that you have to see to believe. After launching Sideserf Cake Studio in 2013, they have gotten lots of attention.

And when you combine their remarkable cakes with their bubbly personalities, the result is a show that is sure to be a winner. Watch them on their KVUE or go to their website to learn more.

And to think, we knew them when! Thanks to them, we can all eat cake!

Featured Artist: Tom Shefelman, In Memoriam by Luci Miller

Paintings pictured to the left are: “Our Courtyard,” the fountain at Westminster, home to Tom and Janice; and the Central Presbyterian Church chancel, completed in November and Tom’s final painting. As our featured artist, a print of “Our Courtyard” is on display through January at both Miller IDS locations.

Our featured artist this month is the very special Tom Shefelman who passed away last month. This is, in effect, my written tribute to Tom as I knew him. You can read about him online on many websites and articles, some of which are listed at the end of this piece.

As an artist Tom was most publicly recognized for his architecture. He had an amazing number of interesting projects but he personally favored churches over all others. His websites show enthusiasm for research and sketches. In architecture he was a collaborator early on, both with other urban planning phenoms (including Alan Taniguchi, David Minter and Jim Nix), and in “teaming” on public space planning with Coffee Crier, Villava-Cotera and others. After studying at both UT Austin and Harvard, his career began at Kuehne Brooks and Barr followed by Emerson Fehr, and then on to Shefelman/Nix. Three amazing firms with amazing project history.

Tom designed numerous churches and I found that his design of the current Central Presbyterian Church dates back to 1955; his design of the church and the stained glass windows remain timeless and beautiful. His most recent painting is of the chancel (also featured here). Fittingly, Tom’s memorial service will be held in this beautiful place of worship this Saturday, January 14th at 11am.

Interesting project mentions include Lower Waller Creek Development Plan in 1982; design of the Starr Building back in 1954 for American Bank, now where McGarrah Jesse is located; and renovation of the Stephen F Austin Hotel in the ‘80s.

Tom was an accomplished watercolorist who partnered with his wife Janice illustrating children’s books she authored. His watercolors also include renderings of the lovely buildings he saw on his lifelong travels with Janice. Tom’s earliest artistic talents were focused on drawing and cartooning; he is quoted as saying “I don’t remember ever wanting to be an artist, I just was.”

To read more about Tom visit:

Michael Barnes Statesman 

Cindy Widner @Curbedaustin (with links to Shefelman Nix and Shefelman Books)

Austin History Center Tom W Shefelman records and drawings:

Our own featured article about Tom from 2015

Historic Austin Home Featured on Miller IDS 40th Annual Calendar.

emily-little-house-adj-cropWe appreciate that our neighbor, Emily Little, allowed us to feature her historic home on the cover of the Miller IDS 2017 Calendar.

Built in 1893, the Rogers-Lyons House is an excellent example of a Victorian-style brick residence. The home was constructed by Martin E. Rogers, bridge foreman for the A&NW railroad, who lived in the house with his wife, Addie Loving Rogers, until his death in 1942.

In 1944, the home was purchased by Lewis D. Lyons, one of Austin’s most prominent black citizens and land holders, who owned and operated the red brick grocery store at 518 East 6th Street.  Mr. Lyons was a lay leader at Wesley Chapel Methodist Church, a trustee at Samuel Huston College, secretary of the Friend in Need Society of Austin and was known as “Black Mayor of East Austin.”  Mr. Lyons was the only black bondsman in Austin at the time of his death in 1944. Mr. Lyons’ widow continued to live at the house and married Mr. Jerry Bell in 1951. Mr. Bell moved into the house and was employed by Governor Allan Shivers for over 30 years as chauffeur and houseman and was on staff during the seven and one-half years the Shivers family lived in the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

After Mr. Bell moved from the Rogers-Lyons house in 1984, the house was acquired by present owner Emily Little. 

We are proud to showcase the home on our calendar. You can order your own calendar on our website.