April Artist of the Month: Jamie Billman McCormick

Miller IDS is excited to announce our April Artist of the Month, Jamie Billman McCormick. Jamie, though born and raised in Kansas, moved to Austin in 2005 for her first job and has been here (mostly) ever since. A painter and a mixed media artist, she strives to capture modern landscapes and life outside. Specifically, she focuses on public and preserved lands from National Parks to Central Texas swimming holes. As summer approaches, Miller IDS thinks of the places in Austin that warm our hearts and cool us down!!

“Confetti Swimmers”

The piece we chose to highlight represents a quintessential Austin landmark: Barton Springs. The painting, Confetti Swimmers (Barton Springs), was a result of exploration, curiosity, and the realization that the natural spring really is 72 degrees year round. Jamie describes the reasoning behind painting the spring: “I love to paint people swimming and interacting with their environment and Barton Springs is such an mythic, iconic example.” She illustrates the natural draw to the swimming hole, “I think it is objectively beautiful — the color of the water, the trees, the hill, the grass, the retro bathhouse, the colorful swimmers and towels. It is perfect. Also, it is truly so cold, which is maybe what makes it so fun.” Her inspiration is seen through her impressionist-like use of colors that dot the depth of the blues and greens on the canvas. She captures the playful spirit of Austin culture that the swimming hole represents to those who visit.

“Living’s Easy On a Houseboat (Sausalito)”

She describes an early morning swim with a friend that inspired the piece: “It was pitch black and so, so cold. A few minutes after we started swimming this couple came and were just having a swim, jumping off the diving board and laughing and swimming in the dark. And then these two girlfriends came and just plunged in and laughed and then got out and were done…This was all before 6am. Where else does that happen? It is magic.”


Jamie happened upon Miller IDS and our fine art specialist, Dana Burton, when she was “in a pinch to have a few pieces scanned” She continues, “…they were so helpful and friendly from the beginning. I always enjoy…Dana at Miller – she is always responsive, patient, and willing to make sure the final product is just right.”  Miller IDS is honored to have such a wonderful and talented local artist trust us to scan and archive the beauty she captured of an iconic Austin landmark.

You can find more of her work and contact information at jamiebmstudio.com and follow her on instagram at @jamiebmstudio.