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Jobsite Technology

Miller IDS is your source for technology that integrates into your daily project and document workflow. We are recognized as a leader in providing a multitude of technologically advanced solutions for the A/E/C community. As the industry moves away from paper and towards digital communication, we remain committed to offering cutting edge jobsite technology that will save you time and money, while increasing your productivity and safety at the same time.

HoloBuilder 360° Progress Documentation

The fastest and easiest way to document construction sites and monitor project progress
HoloBuilder makes it easier than ever before for you and your team to start capturing progress. It is the sum of all features that HoloBuilder has to offer as a collaborative enterprise package that makes it so powerful:

  • 360˚ reality capture with the JobWalk mobile app on unlimited sheets
  • TimeTravel for progress documentation
  • Measurement tools to measure within imagery
  • Document attachments
  • Work together with your whole team, and enjoy enterprise level service and security.

Greenlee BIM Boxes

Improve jobsite productivity with fully customizable, electronics ready field offices.

  • Narrow design fits through 36” doorways for easy mobility
  • Ability to mount large monitor
  • Removable shelving to accommodate larger items that need to be stored
  • Sliding shelf for pull-out storage of laptop, keyboard, etc.
  • Automatic locking gas spring secures lid in upright position
  • Weather resistant stripping to help prevent moisture from getting in the box
  • Cable pass-through holes for easy installation
  • Forkliftable for relocating around jobsite

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KNAACK DataVault BIM Boxes

The KNAACK DataVault combines connectivity and productivity while securing digital assets directly on the jobsite.
A step above the traditional jobsite protection device, KNAACK® DataVaults are customized for professionals. It enables secure connectivity for all stakeholders directly to the worksite, empowering productivity and maximizing ROI of technology investments. With technology best suited to improve business efficiency, KNAACK® DataVault’s customized interior arrives on the job ready for use. It is also supported with a nationwide, manufacture-certified support network to bring agile solutions.

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Xplore Rugged Tablets

The rugged tablet authority protects from all the elements.
For the past 20+ years, Xplore, an Austin based business, has been building rugged mobile computer platforms. They are industry experts with proven success in their customer deployments. Xplore promises to reduce deployment risk and lower TCO for your company’s short-term and long-term rugged mobility investments, as well as increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety for all of your workers. Xplore is protecting your jobsite tablets, monitors, and screens from drops, vibration, wind/rain, sand/dust, shock, fluid contamination, extreme temperature, salt fog, humidity, and altitude.

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