Top 5 reasons to trade in your current wide format printers for a KIP 800 Color Series System.

Top 5 reasons to trade in your current wide format printers for a KIP 800 Color Series System.

By Steve Coyle

During my career I have sold wide format printers and multifunction systems for Xerox, Océ, Canon, HP and KIP.  To meet all of the printing and scanning needs of my customers I often sold them both a monochrome (black & white) toner and a color inkjet solution.  All of us wide format sales professionals have.  As a result there are now thousands of AEC firms with two wide format devices installed in their offices.

Top 5 reasons to trade in your current wide format printers for a KIP 800 Color Series System.

If you are one of these firms I strongly recommend that you consider these Top 5 reasons why you should trade-in your dual wide format solutions for the one system that can do it all, the KIP 800 Color Series of Printers and Multifunction devices.

  1. Space Savings:  reduce the space taken by two wide format systems with a single compact  solution.
  2. Cost Savings:  save up to 75% by eliminating inkjet cartridges, printheads and coated bond media.
  3. Productive Printing:  automatically print and collate mixed sets (monochrome & color drawings) and eliminate the printing and manual collation of color and monochrome prints.
  4. Increased Color Speed:  realize an increase of up to 200% in color printing productivity over inkjet.
  5. Accurate Accounting:  accurately record the true cost of monochrome and color, light density and high density color prints.
  • The KIP 800 Color Series offers you the perfect color/monochrome plain paper printer or multifunction solution to replace your existing combination of toner and inkjet wide format systems.  Call Webb Fox today so you can realize the benefits of having just one system to do all of your wide format printing and/or scanning.  For more details about KIP 800 Color Series click here.

Featured Artist: Nicole Berenger

Nicole is a creator of things. She is currently creating using a thought process and method that slowly developed over the course of 10 years.  What started as doodling little swirls in the margins of her Art History notes in college became cohesive pieces of work in 2013. Nicole’s favorite thing about the aesthetic the doodles create is that from a distance you see the big picture, but when you get closer, it becomes an entirely different experience. Experiencing her work in person is essential. What you see is her deep love of color, the way her lines and colors interact, and also how the paper absorbs the ink …all working together to create a bright, glowing effect that is almost hypnotizing.  Nicole says that her work is rooted in her “personal journey to make sense of this ridiculous life. I lose myself in the lines and my thoughts as my hand flows freely, organically across the paper. In those moments, everything seems to make more sense.”

Nicole sells work on her website and on; you can find Nicole on tumblr, and Instagram as well as enjoy her feature on YouTube.

Nicole Berenger & Dana and Larry from Miller IDS
Dana, Nicole Berenger & Larry from Miller IDS


Nicole has been working with Miller for art reproductions since 2014. We appreciate the trust she has placed in our hands for reproducing her artwork in the precise colors, quality and detail that Nicole expects!

Nicole is a graduate of Austin College in Sherman, Texas (go Roos!) where she studied Fine Art and German, and is a 29 year old Texas native of The Colony (north of Dallas).

Nicole is a member of and won best in show October of 2014! RAW is an independent international arts organization offering showcases on a local basis.

Swirly Night by Nicole Berenger, featured at Miller IDS
Swirly Night by Nicole Berenger, featured at Miller IDS