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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooking for new means to get your message to your target audience and stimulate business, but which still fit your budget? Adhesives are the answer!

Miller IDS offers wall-safe adhesives in fabric or vinyl, in custom  sizes and shapes; easy to install and cost-efficient. Adhesives can range from a small decal or sticker up to a wall or window-size ad, motivational message or art reproduction and will not damage the surface to which they adhere. Check out the great ones we recently did for the Long Center’s Blues Brothers appearance!

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The Affordability Exodus: Where Austin’s creative class is headed (map)

CreativeClass_MapSince the role of creative in the Austin economy is something that pops up pretty regularly on my beat, and has become a concerned talking point for new Mayor Steve Adler, here at the ABJ we decided to have a look at the displacement of the creative class around the city.

The map below this story uses U.S. Census American Community Survey data from 2010 to 2013 looking at the number of creatives – broadly defined as those working in the arts, music, film or food service industries – who moved from one are of Austin to another as the city’s economy was kicking back into high gear after the 2008 recession. The inclusion of food workers might strike you as odd, but they face a lot of the same economic challenges as artists, including low wages and a dependency on tourism.

The map confirms what many have speculated — that creative types are being pushed out of downtown and East Austin. Many experts expect the situation to get worse, especially after local home prices just hit an all-time high.

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New condo tower to be downtown Austin’s biggest building

TheIndependent_cropped_April2015A new 58-story condominium tower called The Independent will soon become the tallest structure in Austin, according to a news release issued April 13.

The new, 950,000-square-foot, 370-unit condo tower will also be the biggest residential building west of the Mississippi River, according to Constructive Ventures and Aspen Heights, the two developers responsible for the project. The 685-foot-tall building will be constructed on the northeast corner of West Third Street and West Avenue at the former Austin Energy Control Center location.

The one- to three-bedroom condo units will range between 675 to 3,485 square feet, according to the developers, and cost from $350,000 to more than $3 million.

“Residents at every age and stage of life can comfortably call this tower home—a real first for Austin—and that’s because of all the building’s distinct attributes,” said Perry Lorenz, Constructive Ventures principal, in a statement. “In addition to our own on-site amenities, the site’s location is at the nexus of some of Austin’s greatest amenities.”

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Why your marketing materials should educate instead of sell

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Most marketing materials today are selling you, your products, your services and your company. That’s the reason their staying power is virtually non-existent. Use education instead to keep content relevant.

To be successful and sustainable with your marketing materials, educate, educate, educate. Impart some knowledge, success story, methodology or information that helps prospects link you and your company to them, as well as to their situations and/or problems. That’s the key. The education you provide distinguishes you, because you provide a possible solution, whatever it may be. Read full article>>

Designing For Large Format Printing

Canon-inkjet-printerWhen it comes to file preparation of large-format imaging, there’s a different mode of thinking.

The traditional rules of file dimension and resolution used in standard offset printing don’t necessarily apply. Where traditional print methods have you working in the 300-dpi (dots per inch) range, large format basically reverses that thinking altogether.

This is where a number of traditional print designers and desktop publishers find themselves in unfamiliar territory. There’s a common misconception that bigger files need more resolution than normal print jobs—this is simply not true. All this does is give you a really huge file size.

The Eye Plays Its Part

When you’re getting started on a large-format project, the very first thing you must consider is how you got into this mess (just kidding)! No, you must first consider the viewing distance, which is perhaps the most critical aspect of how you go about preparing your file. When I was working in large format several years ago, this was always one of my first questions to the client. So let’s consider the aspect of “viewing distance” for a moment.

The human eye is a curious and fascinating piece of biology: perhaps one of our most sophisticated and, at the same time, one of our most flawed organs. That’s because the human eye is easily fooled, especially when it comes to viewing color and tones. Consider a rainbow, for example: When you see a rainbow in the sky, it really isn’t there. The mist in the air from a rainstorm is bending the light that’s passing through it (like a prism), which in turn makes the spectrum visible. But here’s the kicker: It’s only visible to a processing system like the human visual system, which can detect the sporadic wavelengths of light and generate the multicolored rainbow that we all know. The point is that our visual system is responsible for meeting us halfway by processing and rebuilding what we see. Everything we see in the world is merely reflected or transmitted light. The dimension and color of objects is the result of varying wavelengths of light that enter the eye. Read full article>>

*Source: By in Columns, Layers Magazine

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Bikes to the Rescue

Amsterdam, Bicycle CityBuilding apartments without parking is not the only way to encourage pedestrians and discourage drivers, of course. Danish architect Jan Gehl, a champion of bicycle use in cities as an antidote to heavy traffic, has advised several large cities – including Mexico City, Beijing, and New York City – on how to enhance bicycle usage.

In addition to the obvious emissions advantages of bicycle riders, Gehl believes that encouraging bicycle use and walking improves social interactions in cities. Good bike baths allow many more people to access urban areas – people who don’t own cars, people who are too young or old to drive, and people who simply prefer bikes. In an article about Gehl’s philosophy, Louise Kielgast wrote:

“In contrast to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians share the characteristic of moving at a moderate pace, making them visible in the cityscape. Cyclists are also flexible in the sense that they can quickly shift from being cyclists to being pedestrians. This creates the conditions for people to see and meet each other in the city. It is equally important to highlight that both cyclists and pedestrians are physically present in the public spaces – in contrast to motorists who are essentially isolated from their physical settings.” (Read the whole article here:

Whatever strategy a community uses to get people out of cars – allowing buildings with no parking or building extensive bike paths – the result is a more people-friendly environment.

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MILLER Banners Target Your Customer – Effectively and Cost Efficiently!

TargetYourCustomersNone of us have extra marketing budget to waste on ineffective advertising, placed in media your target market may or may not see. “Get ’em where they live”! Banners can deliver your message directly to your customers; in your store, on buildings, walls, windows, doors, fencing, barricades, trucks, buses, cranes, light poles…anyplace your target market sees!

MILLER has the capability to print your message on a broad range of both flexible and rigid materials in multiple sizes. We’ll work with you to produce the best and most cost efficient banners for your message, your budget and your target.

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