We’re Moving to the Eastside February 20th!

Our 6th Street store will be closed Friday Feb 20th for our move to the eastside.

Orders uploaded and emailed will be processed through our north store, and delivered if requested. Walk-in service will be available at 10713 Metric Blvd only (512.837.8888).

Thanks for your patience – and please visit us at our new location, 1000 E 7th Street beginning Monday Feb 23rd.”



Hospital vs. Storm: Designers Aim to Keep Hospitals Open During Disasters

Hospital Storm imageBy: Ed Avis

When Hurricane Ike rolled over Galveston Island, Texas on September 13, 2008, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) received a knock-out punch. Winds reaching 110 miles per hour pounded the 100 buildings of the 85-acre medical complex, and a 15-foot storm surge washed through the campus, flooding the lower level of every structure. Continue reading

Austin’s old power plant downtown now stunning creative office

What was once a dark uninviting space is now illuminated with natural light and bright colored accents.
What was once a dark uninviting space is now illuminated with natural light and bright colored accents.

The massive Art Deco-inspired Seaholm Power Plant in downtown Austin has long captivated the imaginations of locals and visitors alike, and now after many years of dreaming and planning the retrofitted building is almost ready for its new occupants.

About 70 employees of Athenahealth — a software company — will move into the building near Cesar Chavez Street and Lamar Boulevard on Feb. 9. The Austin Business Journal was given a private tour of the facility, which is one component of the $100 million Seaholm LLC redevelopment.  Read full article>>

Behind the Paint Cans: Austin Street Art

Austin street art (Credit: 1138Studios.com)
Austin street art (Credit: 1138Studios.com)

Guest article by Gino Barasa for The Austinot.

It’s five in the morning and I’m somewhere off 51st Street with Austin’s most dangerous street artists.

Well, not exactly. It’s is really early and I am watching some of Austin’s finest street artists do their thing, but they aren’t actually very dangerous. In fact, they’re really a bunch of easy going guys who happen to be amazingly talented artists.

The Austin street art scene has become a growing and visceral part of the city’s overall vibe. If the music scene is the 2000 pound gorilla of Austin’s cultural landscape, then the street art community is its little brother. A little brother that is growing up fast.

All over midtown and across the east side, massive and beautiful murals spring up overnight on a weekly–and sometimes daily–basis. On barren walls and dumpsters, across busted fences and back alley doorways, these rattle can warriors are turning the mundane into the marvelous. From colorful and fantastic creatures to politically charged imagery, the street art of Austin is always cause to stop and admire the imagination behind the work.

Read full article>>